Sister Bee

is a feel-good documentary about beekeepers and honeybees.


I’m kind of interested in bees


I don’t know if I told you this before, how we inherited the hives? Well, my husband had a friend that he worked with who was transferred to Zaire in Africa. He said, “I’ll give you my two beehives.” So we went over and picked them up. I didn’t know a thing about bees or anything . . . We put the beehives in the back of the truck but we didn’t secure them with any bungee cords or anything around them so they wouldn’t come apart. And of course they came apart. (Fortunately we didn’t go on U.S. 36. We went on the back roads.) But by the time we got here the cab of the truck was just full of bees. I jumped out and they came in the house right away. He (my husband) came in and soon we found out he was allergic to bees because he was swollen all over and it was bad. We had to go to the doctor and everything. Se we just sort of ignored the beehives that were out there and we didn’t do anything. He didn’t get near them.

After he passed away I thought, hmm . . . I’m kind of interested in bees. So I started becoming more interested in reading about them. And then I had a friend that was a beekeeper and that was how I just started learning.

– Marge McLellan

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