Sister Bee

is a feel-good documentary about beekeepers and honeybees.

The Filmmakers


Laura Tyler is an artist and beekeeper. Prior to making Sister Bee she worked as a staff producer at Intrepid Films in Boulder, Colorado producing educational media about college life for young adults. In 2002 she co-founded the Boulder based honey company Backyard Bees with her husband, Andy Schwarz.  She attended college at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston where she earned a BFA in Filmmaking and spent her growing-up years in Auburn, Maine.


Andy Schwarz brought technical advice and a beekeeper’s eye to the creation of Sister Bee.  He co-founded Backyard Bees with Laura Tyler in 2002 and is the creator of AMSTEC, a full-service web development and consulting company.  Other experience includes working on a ground-breaking virtual reality exhibit for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and working as a researcher and developer for an interactive media company in Boston when the web was in its infancy.  


Hanneh Rudkilde brought over twenty years of experience editing film, television and video to the creation of Sister Bee.  After attending USC Film School in Los Angeles, California she worked for ten years in Hollywood.  Her credits include four theatrical releases, three award winning documentaries, three syndicated TV shows and working as a staff editor at Miramax and Paramount.  Hanneh currently serves the independent film community in Colorado.

"For Laura Tyler, the magic and mystery of the honeybee is a magnificent obsession, one resulting in a film that chronicles the spiritual side of beekeeping from a woman's point of view and allows the audience to see what she calls 'the interconnectedness of all living things.'"
- The Coloradoan
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