Sister Bee

is a feel-good documentary about beekeepers and honeybees.

The Music

Contemporary Choral

Iris“The Earth She Speaks to Me” and “Where the Song Went” are available on A Season of Song by IRIS. “All Things Are Connected” and “Salty Fish” are available on Love Cafe by IRIS. Please email composer, Joanna Lynden, to purchase.


This Trick“Confectioner’s Town” plus a full-fledged version of the song “Terminal Velocity” that appears in instrumental form on Sister Bee are available on This Trick by singer, songwriter, Diane French.

Old Time Victrola

besmark“The Whistler and His Dog,” “The Warbler’s Serenade,” “Naomi” and “The Rosary” are all available on Early 1900’s Children’s Music Recordings from Victrola at

"I loved the music..."
- Kim Flottum, Bee Culture
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