Sister Bee

is a feel-good documentary about beekeepers and honeybees.


Divorced from the natural world


We’re in these little cubicles and we’re on cell phones all the time and we’re really divorced from the natural world. And an experience of the environment is something people look for on the weekend on their mountain bike or extreme kayaking or whatever. I just realized for myself I need that every day. And so coming to the garden is how I decided to make that fit into my life.

– Julie Finley

I’m just amazed at the world of bees


One of the things that’s fascinating to me is how then can be so intent on what they’re doing. Their whole life is committed to getting pollen and nectar. And the nurse bees, before they go out into the field they’re raising the new bees, caring for the larvae, feeding them. I’m just amazed at the world of bees.

– Ruth Eastman

Watch now!

Sister Bee is now available as a download.  It took awhile for technology to catch up with demand but, thanks to VHX, independent filmmakers are now able to self-distribute via streaming.

I chose VHX to mange the online streaming of Sister Bee because they’re a responsive and independent-film-friendly organization. 

There’s so much art


The ability to work with these insects and feel their rhythms, to know what they’re going to do before they do it so you can anticipate swarming, for example, and just being in touch with this fascinating little community, is part of what I mean.

– Patricia Butler

It seemed deliberate


The movement of the bees seemed deliberate. It didn’t seem chaotic. It didn’t seem like just a mass of movement. It seemed deliberate like there was a purpose there.

– Suzanne Connolly Howes

Fascinating to watch


I think their culture is fascinating to watch . . . When they’re born they have a job for them, and the jobs are all planned, and they do it, and there’s no fighting. It’s just fascinating how they take care of things.

– Marge McLellan

Beekeepers sue the EPA

Friend of Sister Bee Tom Theobald has been named as a plaintiff in today’s lawsuit against the EPA. Read the press release on Tom’s Corner.

Disclosure: Tom Theobald, the voice of Tom’s Corner, is a personal friend and the subject of my current documentary in progress.

Holy mother


There’s just a kind of magic around the queen. She’s like the holy mother, right? If she’s not well then nothing is well in that world.

– Julie Finley

We divided it up


My son was due in February and the wood for my first hives came in January so I was getting pretty big. And I was getting nervous because I wanted the wood part done before my son was born . . . So I said to my husband, “You need to help me.” I really wanted to do it myself. But I needed some help, so we divided it up.

– Mery Molenaar

That just sounded neat


I play with a chamber group that has some flutes, cellos and violas as well as violins and a harpsichord. There’s this amazing sense of unity when everybody plays together . . . I think I just feel a little bit transported and I can’t describe anymore clearly what that means.

– Patricia Butler

Solid and strong


My goal for this year is to get that one hive looking like it’s solid and strong again and setting them up so they’re in good shape for the winter. I’m not thinking I’m going to get very much honey.

– Suzanne Connolly Howes



Sometimes I’ve opened the box and known, “Oh, that’s a virgin queen.” Then I feel like I’m intruding. If you make a mistake right then and squish the wrong bee, it’s all over.

– Julie Finley

So much wonderful help

I’d like to be a part of getting other people excited about having bees . . . or anything that has to do with beekeeping. Because I had so much wonderful help from other people.

– Ruth Eastman

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